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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Search?

Social Search is a web browser offering social media's best search results from Twitter, Instagram, and websites using Bing search engine.

How do I use the site?

Social Search has three menu options to choose from: "Search Twitter," "Search Instagram," and "Search Web." Type the content you are looking for into the search box and select the relevant menu option. Social Search will pool through the results to find those that best match your keywords.

Where can I find today's best results?

In addition to individualized searches, Social Search offers a feed of the day's top Twitter and instagram posts. Select the feed from the menu bar at the top of our homepage to find a collection of the day's most interesting and popular tweets and photos.

Which browsers does Social Search Support?

We support Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 4+, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome.

Where can I leave feedback?

We love to hear from our users. Visit our contact page to submit your ideas for new features, to leave any questions or report bugs.