The privacy policy describes the methods in which the organization (hereinafter SocialSearch or website) collects, uses, and shares the data collection form or about the user while they are utilizing our website. SocialSearch respects the privacy of the users on this website, and the Privacy Policy describes how the website processes the data it receives or collects from the users of this website. This Privacy Policy also addresses the personal info that falls into the scope of the laws of the United States. The user data, including the personal data, will be stored in the United States of America.

Information on Privacy

The tech industry and the United States federal government have created practical tips to help users safeguard against internet fraud, secure their personal computers, and protect their personal information. For more info on safety and tips to assist you in guarding against Internet fraud of any type, go to

Personal Data Collected

If you utilize the website, the personal data about the user may be collected or processed by Social Search and its employees. Personal information means any data dealing or an identifiable or identified individual, indirectly or directly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as but not restricted, an online identifier, email address, or name. Suppose the user creates an account on the website. In that case, SocialSearch will collect certain data in the server logs, such as the name, email address, and the URL of the website, and in a few instances, the telephone number, postal code, country, state, city, street address, title, and any other data useful to the services and products of SocialSearch if you give such data to us.

Suppose the user sends correspondence to the website, such as emails. In that case, Social Security will collect the data, including any personal information, in a file specific to the user. In general, if the user intentionally gives us personal data, SocialSearch will collect it. The site also collects online identifiers, such as any online identifier of the authors of public social media posts about the products. SocialSearch does not process or collect any personal info through the search queries on the website. From time to time, SocialSearch may request other personal info in order to give services, functions, or features. Still, the user will always have the option to choose whether or not to give the requested data. Suppose the user accesses the limited access portion of the website. In that case, the user may be asked to give additional Personal information.

Non-Identifiable Information Collected

Also, Social Search compiles and collects the data related to the website's usage, which does not constitute personal information, such as operating system, browser language, browser type, date, time, and the domain name of their internet service provider. As part of the function of this website or during the activities of the user on this website. Social Search may utilize cookies and similar techs such as bots in connection with the functioning of this website to assist in the personalization and tailor the services and improve the quality of the services by tracking and storing the patterns, trends, and user preferences. Suppose the user visits any limited access or password-protected segments of the website. In that case, they may need to use cookies. This may include or be linked to personal information.

The cookies are tiny pieces of data stored on the user's personal computer by the website server of Social Search. The usage of cookies is quite common in the industry. They are utilized by most of the major websites on the internet. The user may customize the browser to automatically inform them whenever a cookie is going to be used or effuse all the cookies. But doing so could prevent or impair the performance of a few functions of the website and may not give access to a few areas of the website. To get more information on cookies, you can visit the site Social Search utilizes cookies to allow for authentication in limited access or password-protected sections of the website.

This allows Social Search to regulate or personalize the website's usage and allows the site to automate the data entry and access functions, such as login information. Usually, Social Search does not utilize cookies to track the navigational habits of the identified users without the consent of the users. Suppose the user visits the website only to download or read the content. In that case, most of the data Social Search collects is only statistical and personally identifiable. This includes the domain from which the user accesses the internet, the time and date the user accessed the website, and the site's internet address from which the user linked directly to the site. SocialSearch utilizes this data about the number of users and their usage in aggregate form to make the website more attractive and useful for the end-user.

Certain data, such as archive threads, may be collected by SocialSearch as a result of links displayed from a search query on the website. SocialSearch uses this data to understand and improve the quality of the website and the related tech, including the efficiency and accuracy of the website. By utilizing the website, which resides on servers situated in the United States, the user unambiguously consents to any transfer, processing, collection, or usage of such personal data. If the user does not consent to any use, transfer, processing, or collection of such information, please discontinue the usage of this website.

Using and Collecting Data

With regard to an account the user decides to create on the website, Social Search will utilize the Personal data for the function of which the user supplied it. For example, suppose the user registered on the website. In that case, SocialSearch uses personal data to give the user any feeds or alerts that they requested the site to send. Suppose they give Personal Data in any search query. If the user corresponds with our website and includes personal data, SocialSearch utilizes Personal data to respond to the user. SocialSearch uses the information, including Personal Data, to give the user customer support. In this regard, SocialSearch always reserves the right to contact the user about their account or any customer service issues.

SocialSearch may also utilize the Personal data on the website and enforce the rights arising from any contracts entered between our website and the user, including for billing and collection, any other function allowed by applicable law, or in any way that the site may describe when the user gives Personal data, as well as for other purposes with the consent of the user. Usually, the Non-Identifiable data is used to give users better services and improve the website. In most cases, the above-described Personal Data may be processed or collected by and transferred to the websites' servers in the United States. This may be done using the internet service provider of the website or through tools such as Google Analytics.

This data is gathered to improve the services of the website and its ability to market these services and products to specified firms and people that could benefit from them. The website uses Google Analytics in line with the privacy policy of Google.

Sharing Data

Personal data and non-identifiable data about the user is disclosed and shared with the sponsors, business partners, advertisers, and other third parties under the limited scenarios: SocialSearch may disclose the frequency of visits to the website by the average user, information to third parties helping the website in providing a service or carrying out a transaction for you such as packaging, sending, and providing purchase and related to the user, clearing transactions, doing statistical analyses of the services of the website, doing training services and promotional services, or data in connection with the merger and acquisition discussions. SocialSearch may share information, including Personal Data about the user, with the individuals, firms, subsidiaries, partners, affiliates who give services on behalf of SocialSearch.

This is provided that these entities are bound by contractual compulsions to keep the Personal Data confidential and use it for the purposes of which SocialSearch has disclosed it to them. To the extent that these parties have access to the personal data, they will have agreed with SocialSearch to follow the Privacy Policy, or already have comprehensive privacy practices that are no less protective than the practices of SocialSearch that are described in this document, to the extent that is allowed by the applicable law.